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Welcome to Class 1

Taught by Mrs Crowther with Teaching Assistants Mrs Broadhurst and Mrs Brooke

Important Information for Class 1

  • P.E. – Monday and Thursday
  • Year 1 Spellings – Spellings for Year 1 will be given out on a Monday and the children will then be tested on them the following Monday.
  • Wednesday – Mrs Booth teaches Class 1 Music, D&T or Art on a Thursday afternoon.
  • Notices – We aim to get the children outside learning as much as possible, therefore please ensure your child comes to school in the appropriate footwear and outerwear (e.g. wellies, coats and gloves).
  • Notices – Please remember to label all your children’s clothing, including PE kits.
  • Information on home-learning can be found below.
  • Times Tables Rock StarsAll Year 1 parents now have login details for the website What a brilliant website this is! I have carefully selected the times tables suitable for your children and the corresponding division facts.

Summer Term 2019

Welcome back to the Summer Term!

This term we will be learning about ‘Marvellous Minibeasts’ and ‘Holidays Past and Present’. We are looking forward to all of the additional exciting activities as well.

During this second half of the Summer Term there is a lot going on, including our trip to Harlow Carr on Wednesday 5th June, which we are incredibly excited about. We shall be sharing pictures on here once we return!

Art Week – David Hockney

Here in Class 1 we have loved Art Week! The children have explored colour mixing and how to create different colours. They also learned about ‘tinting’ – adding small amounts of white at a time to a colour to create different tints – and ‘shading’ – adding small amounts of black at a time to a colour to create different shades. They then learned about David Hockney’s “A Bigger Splash” painting and looked at several other paintings of splashes. They then used these as inspiration to then create their own ‘Splash’ artwork using the knowledge they had learned through out the week. It was fantastic fun!

RHS Harlow Carr – Class 1 and 2

As part of our Science topic, Living things and their Habitats, we went to RHS Harlow Carr in Harrogate this week to learn about minibeasts.

We had an absolutely brilliant time and the children were all very well-behaved. We went on a bug hunt in the strips of meadow grass that Harlow Carr has planted and we found lots of flies, bees and ladybirds. We also went pond dipping and the children loved this. They got to dip into the pond with nets and then had to tip what was in there into some trays so we could look at them. We were amazed with what we found! There were Ramshorn snails, young Newts, Dragonfly Nymphs, a Whirling Beetle and so much more. We went exploring the rest of the gardens and discovered sculptures made of Willow and found the Loch Ness Monster, a giant bee (that Mrs Crowther first thought was an ant), a Diplodocus, a Stegosaurus and a T-Rex, as well as more marvellous minibeasts, trees and flowers. Thank you very much for all our parent/grandparent helpers and governors who gave up their time to come with us.

Science – Habitats and Minibeasts.

In Science, we have really enjoyed beginning to learn about different minibeasts. We even went on a minibeast hunt around the school to see what different micro habitats there were and what minibeasts could be found in them. Here are some photos of the children hunting around. They found ants, woodlice, flies and spiders. They’ve also enjoyed looking after the plants in our outdoor area.

RE – Creation

In RE this term we have been looking at Creation. This involved us looking at the Christian belief that God created the world and that he is the Creator and Sustainer. The children were challenged to build a house out of Lego in groups and to consider how they felt about it. They said they were proud and excited. Once the challenge was over I asked them to consider how they might feel if it was broken, or destroyed. They said they would be ‘sad’ and ‘upset’. When one or two of the models were broken they expressed their feelings further saying they were ‘angry; cross; disappointed; frustrated and downhearted.’ We are then going to be relating this to the world and discussing how we can look after it.

The children have really enjoyed undertaking lots of different craft activities to create our ‘Marvellous Minibeasts’ display. They created Spider’s webs by weaving wool around paper plates, focusing very hard on the task. The children also enjoyed using cotton buds and paint to create some flowers following the ‘pointillism’ technique. They also enjoyed using tissue paper to make some snails and to make paper plate minibeasts. As well as this the children have followed plans and used tiny beads to make different minibeasts.


In Phonics lessons the children have been building tricky words with the magnetic letters and playing tricky word hopscotch.

Reception Outdoor Area

The children in Reception have really enjoyed using the new stage area to perform to their friends. They have been pretending to be Rock Stars as well as performing stories.

Spring 2019

Welcome back and happy new year!

Our topic this term is ‘Farm to Fork’. The children are going to learn about where their food comes from and how it is made. In History we are going to learn about farming in the past including the types of machinery used in the past and present and how different food products were made in the past compared to how they are made now. In Science we are going to be focusing on plants, including what they are, the different parts of a plant and how they are grown. Keep checking back to see what we have been learning about!

Clay Plant Pots

Here are the children working with clay to create a plant pot each. They loved it!

British Science Week in Class 1.

This week was British Science Week and we linked it to our current Science topic on plants. We had a cress growing competition! The children had variables to choose from when planting. For example, they could choose to plant their seeds in sand and could feed them Lucozade. The children who did choose these variables are still waiting for their seed to germinate! However, our winner chose to plant their cress seeds in soil and fed theirs water and his seeds grew an amazing 9cm! The children then went on to write instructions ‘How to Grow Cress’ in English, as well as to measure and record their results in Maths and to then create a bar chart.

Comic Relief/Red Nose Day.

What an amazing sight today. Class 1’s red outfits and wacky hair was brilliant! We had great fun with the coins and also enjoyed making some of our own edible red noses! They were delicious!

World Book Day.

Today it was World Book Day and the children in Class 1 threw themselves into the day with great enthusiasm. Their outfits were amazing! A massive thank you to parents for their help with this. When the children first arrived in Class 1 they discovered that the classroom chairs had quit! The chairs had left a letter explaining they were fed up of being rocked on, kicked and pushed over. The children wrote some fabulous apology letters and the chairs came back. They loved this! The children also enjoyed taking part in the book swap and liked having some of the Year 5’s helping them.

Pancake Day.

Today we celebrated Pancake Day in Class 1 by holding Pancake races outside. Some of the Year 1’s measured out two tracks, having decided on 6 metres being long enough. They worked really well as a team and made sure to start each new metre stick at 0 so it was measured accurately. After that we had great fun racing against each other in two teams. Finally we headed back into class and shared some delicious pancakes, choosing what topping we wanted.

Maths – 2 times tables.

The children in Year 1 have been learning their 2 times tables. Here are some of them using counters to make the ‘groups of 2’ before counting in 2’s to solve the answer. They worked very hard, keeping on trying even when they found it tricky!


The children in Year 1 have been reading the book ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’ by Raymond Briggs. They thought of questions to ask the Giant or Jim and then the next day had a go at ‘hot-seating’. The children loved pretending to be one of the characters and answering the questions.

Reception and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

The children in Reception have been reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. They’ve made a giant story map together, ordered the magic beans from 1 to 20 and have even been measuring some giant footprints they found! They enjoyed drawing round their own feet, cutting out their footprints and measuring them too!


As part of their art and D&T work with Mrs Broadhurst the children drew pictures and then used different types of pasta to fill them. Great pictures everyone!

‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ by Vivian French

‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ has been our focus in English and the children have enjoyed learning about the different vegetables. As their reward for earning all their ‘Ready to Learn’ tokens the children chose to make cupcakes. They chose to make carrot cupcakes. They loved measuring the ingredients and mixing them and worked well as a team.

History – How butter was made.

As part of our ‘Farm to Fork’ topic the children in Class 1 have been looking at where butter comes from and how it was made before machines were invented. They couldn’t believe it was all done by hand. They loved having a go at shaking cream until it became butter. They were really surprised that it worked and how hard it was to make!

Morrisons School Visit

Children in Year 1 and 2 had a wonderful day visiting Morrisons, Foss Island Road, York. This was an educational visit linked to our current topic ‘Farm to Fork’. The children learnt an incredible amount and can recite so many facts from our action packed day spent with Wendy and Sara from the Morrison’s team. Did you know? Morrison’s bananas come from Brazil and take one month from being picked to ending up on our shelves!

Farm to Fork

As part of the children’s topic on ‘Farm to Fork’ they sorted the role-play food into two groups, whether it comes from a Plant or an Animal. They then sorted pictures of foods as well.

Sowerby Music – Music for Life

The Year 1’s had a fantastic time in the workshop with Music for Life, they learned about pulse, rhythm, the tuba and the cello, among lots of other things. They ended the day with a fantastic performance to the rest of the school. Well done everyone!

Year 1’s performing with Music for Life.

Science – Plants

During the first week the children in Class 1 enjoyed exploring the wildlife area to see what different plants they could find. We learned that even grass and weeds are plants!

Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to Class 1! This is a mixed Reception and Year 1 class and we have fun everyday exploring and learning new things.

Since October Half Term we have been learning about Florence Nightingale in History and the Year 1’s have written a fantastic report on her life, that is now oup on display. Reception have been learning all about nurses and what they do and have been looking after the poorly toy babies and teddies really well.

Children in Need

Class 1 really enjoyed Children in Need day on 16th November. They really enjoyed coming to school in their pyjamas and with ‘bed hair’. They all looked fantastic! They also enjoyed the ‘Bake Off’ competition where the children brought in decorated cupcakes, with the best ones winning a prize.

Mr Skippy

On Tuesday 6th November Mr Skippy came into the school. The Year 1’s from Class 1 joined Class 2 and they had a fantastic time learning new skipping techniques. Reception went later on in the day and they had great fun with Mr Skippy. Every single one of them could skip by the end of the session and they didn’t stop laughing. Thank you Mr Skippy!

In History we have looked at “The Great Fire of London”. The children have enjoyed finding out facts and in English they have written some fabulous adventure stories and Newspaper Reports.

Both Year 1 and Reception children have enjoyed exploring different everyday materials in Science looking at their different properties and undertaking an experiment to discover which materials would be waterproof to make Winnie-the-Pooh a new umbrella.

Class 1 working together to find out which materials were waterproof.

In Maths we started the term looking at Place Value and explored grouping and sorting objects according to different criteria. We were then able to apply this in Science to sort and group everyday materials.

Reception are focusing on recognising their numbers, as well as ordering them from smallest to largest and counting accurately. Whereas Year 1’s have moved onto addition and have even solved some addition problems. We have really focused on using different concrete resources, which the children will confidently access themselves. We are now looking at subtraction and the children are looking forward to some new problems to solve.

On Wednesday 10th October the Year 1’s in both Class 1 and 2 went on a trip to Ripon Cathedral as part of their RE topic Religious Buildings. The children absolutely loved the visit and came back full of information about what they had learnt, including what a Crypt is and what it was/is used for and watching a doll being baptised so they could understand why Christians believe it to be an important ceremony.

The whole class has been enjoying preparing for Harvest Festival and are really looking forward to the walk to All Hallow’s Church. The Year 1’s from Class 1 have enjoyed going into Class 2 to work with their friends to create their piece for the festival, whilst Reception have been throwing themselves enthusiastically into learning their song for the festival. As part of our preparation for Harvest Festival. We have been learning about growing plants and what Harvest means. The children have been weeding the planters in our garden area as well as planting bushes and some vegetables. They have also used oil pastels to do some drawings of some vegetables.

Home Learning – Reception

If your child achieves a task at home, please let us know, you can simply note it down on a post it and send it in with them and we will include it in their Learning Journey’s. Over the years we have had all sorts including:

  • Riding a bike with no stabilisers for the first time
  • Helping a parent/adult with a job around the house
  • Being really polite at a wedding/christening/party
  • Climbing up the stairs one foot to one step at a time
  • Building a model
  • Cooking/baking
  • Gardening
  • Drawings/work done at home

We believe that continuing your learning at home is extremely important. In Class 1, we strongly suggest little and often. Once the children have received their reading books, we encourage them to read to an adult four times a week, even if it’s just for 5 minutes – it doesn’t need to be the whole book.

The children also have a maths target, which are called SMIRFs (Space Mission Instant Recall Facts) and the children will need to practise these throughout the week, we will then check them on a Friday and if they know them we move them onto a new target. The children love being turned into little astronauts and are keen to move up the planets already! We have been doing SMIRFs for several years now and we have found they have helped to improve children’s knowledge and that it has in turn helped their arithmetic and speed in answering questions.

We thank you for your continued support! If you have any questions, please contact us.


Articulation of the 44 phonemes is really important as the correct pronunciation enables your child to blend sounds together more easily. Click the link to hear the pronunciation of the sounds:

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Important Dates
  1. Sports Day

    June 27 @ 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
  2. Open Evening at Ryedale School

    June 27 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  3. Year 6 Transition Day to Easingwold Outwood Academy

    July 4