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Welcome to Class 3

Taught by Miss Brown with Teaching Assistant Mrs Wood.

Hello! Welcome to Class 3.

Class 3 is taught by Miss Brown with Mrs Wood as teaching assistant. Mrs Booth teaches P.E, R.E and Music on Thursday afternoons.

Important Information for Class 3

  • P.E. – We do P.E. on a Wednesday. Our P.E. focus will be Athletics and Rounders. We have also started swimming daily so your child will need to remember their swimming kit every day. 
  • Spellings – Our spellings test is on a Friday. New spellings will then be given out ready to be tested the next week.
  • SMIRFS – We will continue to work on SMIRF targets which can be found in the front of the yellow reading record. Try and practise mental maths recall with your child at home as this will help them progress through the planets.
  • Homework – This will be given out on a Friday and normally children will have until the following Thursday to hand this back in.
  • Times Tables Rockstars – We have all had a practice logging into Times tables Rockstars and your child has written their login in their reading records. Please visit Times Table Rockstars and play a game at home! 

Summer Term

Welcome back to Class 3! I hope you had a fantastic and well-earned Easter break. Our topic for Summer term is ‘Brazilian Carnival’. We have lots of exciting things planned for you this term, where we will be learning all about Brazil including its physical features and culture.

Art Week

The children loved Art week, where they designed and created different pieces of art work. The first was based on the current debate of plastic in the ocean. Children used paint, sand and wool to create their effective piece. The second was inspired by Lowry’s famous picture. They painted a scene then used pen to add in detailed stick men. We think they look great!


Our class book this half term is “The Land of Neverbelieve” by Norman Messenger. Children have enjoyed exploring the language he uses to describe the island. The children have created their own creature to join the island and have written a description about discovering it for the first time.


Children have practised their sketching techniques before designing their own rainforest scene, inspired by Oenone Hammersley. The black pastels at the forefront of the picture represents the destruction of the rainforest caused by human activity.

Here are our traditional carnival masks for a Brazilian Carnival! Children learnt about the history behind the headpieces, designed and planned their piece before making it and finally evaluating their own and their friend’s work. Our verdict is they look fantastic!


Children have enjoyed exploring angles in shapes this week. They used their right angle testers to find objects around the classroom containing a right angle.

Children will be spending the next couple of weeks measuring mass and capacity. They loved using the scales to measure different objects around the classroom, before converting between grams and kilograms.

Spring Term

We had an exciting Spring Term here in Class 3, learning all about the Anglo-Saxons. Please scroll down to see all the wonderful things we got up to!

Events in Class 3

EASTER TRAIL DAY AT SUTTON – The children enjoyed their afternoon at Sutton church taking part in lots of different Easter activities. Please head over to our gallery page to see some pictures of the day.

SCIENCE WEEK! The children have loved taking part in Science week. Please head over to our dedicated Science page to see what we got up to!

Educational Visits

We loved our visit to The Jorvik Centre and The Dig. We learnt all about Anglo-Saxon life and enjoyed the workshop about Anglo-Saxon medicine! Here are some pictures of the day.


Our Geography work this half term has been all about settlements and what early settlers needed. Class 3 were split into 3 groups and debated which site would be best for Anglo-Saxons to settle in. Arguments included whether the soil was fertile or not, is a hill or flat land more beneficial and how the water can provide transport links. Site C was the winning site!


In English this term, we are reading the story of Beowulf. So far, we have made predictions about the story, using evidence to back up our answers. We have also created new characters and written descriptions about them, in preparation for creating our own story! Here are some images of our creations.


Here we are investigation perimeter and area. The children used post-it notes to make shapes of different perimeters, exploring the relationship between perimeter and area. Some children had a challenge of making shapes ensuring the black crosses did not touch each other. They worked out that a maximum of 6 crosses could be used without placing them next to each other.


To finish our Anglo-Saxon topic, the children designed and made Anglo-Saxon houses. They chose their materials carefully and added detail such as vegetable patches and fences. They look great!


Children enjoy doing gymnastics with Mrs Broadhurst every Thursday. Here are a selection of pictures of children improving their skills.

Extra events

Some of the children in Class 3 are super proud of themselves for finally finishing our 3D globe puzzle! It has taken several weeks to complete but they didn’t give up.

Class 3 have had a well-earned treat this week. They managed to collect 6 tokens which were achieved through always being ready to learn. Class 3 chose to have an Arty/Crafty afternoon. Some children chose to do mindfulness colouring, some chose to do junk modelling and some children are busy making posters on the chromebooks. A brilliant afternoon!

Lego club

These children have enjoyed taking part in a new Lego club. They have taken on different roles to work as an effective team in order to build different structures. The structures were harder than the children first thought but they worked very well as a team together!

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Important Dates
  1. Sports Day

    June 27 @ 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
  2. Open Evening at Ryedale School

    June 27 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  3. Year 6 Transition Day to Easingwold Outwood Academy

    July 4