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Intent and Implementation

Vision Statement

In science, we will inspire our children by giving them the opportunities to explore and investigate whilst being expertly led. Children will be encouraged to ask questions, take risks, experiment, reflect, make and learn from mistakes, in an organised and safe environment; whereby they learn and apply skills which will equip them for an ever-changing world.

This page is updated regularly with many of the exciting things our school has been doing in science.



Science at Huby 2019/20

Class 3

Children loved Science Day. Class 3 designed and made a flood defense and then tested them against the flood!

Children have been testing complete and incomplete circuits

This experiment involved testing different materials to see if they were insulators or conductors


Class 2

In science the children have been learning about the topic Light and Dark. We made ‘light boxes’ and placed reflective and non reflective objects inside to demonstrate how much more visible reflective objects are.

School Year 2018/2019

Have a look at some of the exciting things the children got up to last year.

Class 1 really enjoyed hunting for minibeasts and their micro habitats in the school grounds. They discovered that piles of leaves, the base of trees, clumps of grass and under rocks were all home to different types of creatures.


Minibeast Hunt.


Class 2 have made the most of the lovely weather and have been outside exploring micro habitats around our school grounds.The children then recorded what they found in a Pictogram.

Spring Term 2018/19


Class 4

This term in Class 4, we are concentrating on AT1 and we will be carrying out a range of scientific inquiries and investigations. Take a look at our photos.

Class 1 Plants

Life cycle of a plant.

The children enjoyed working in teams to learn the life cycle of a plant.

Class 1 working together to learn the life cycle of plants.

We are now investigating if plants are effected by different conditions when they are growing. We planted cress seeds and then some were put in a cold place, some were in a dark place, some will have no water and the rest will have too much water. We are going to see what happens to the over the next few weeks.

Will they still grow in different conditions?

Class 1 are exploring ‘Plants’ in Science this term. We started by exploring the many different plants found in the school grounds. We then identified and named some common plants. We had a lot of fun!

Class 2 Plants

This term we are exploring the topic of ‘Plants’ in science. We have started by exploring the many different plants that we have in our school grounds, including our fantastic wildlife area. We then tried to name some of the plants found.



The children learnt about what plants need to grow. We have planted sunflower seeds and will look after them and record the their progress! We are hoping to see some very large sunflowers!